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See what Charlotte’s very own newspaper can do for you.

Guidelines for effective & attractive ads:

  1. Keep it simple with a brief headline – i.e. not a lot of text.
  2. Clear CTA (call to action)
  3. Suggested elements to include: logo, phone #, CTA
  4. Must point/link to a website or facebook page.

Deadlines for Ad Placement

  • Prepared ads must be submitted 7 business days prior to publication
  • Materials for ads prepared by The Charlotte News must be submitted 14 days prior to publication

Contact Elizabeth Langfeldt at (802) 425-4949 or email:
[email protected]

Sample Ads

Below are examples of simple but effective web banners for use on our website. 300 x 250px ads will populate sidebars, and horizontal “leaderboard” ads will populate inside content areas of articles.

Sample 728 x 90px banner ads (inside content areas)

Sample 300 x 250 ads (sidebars)