The Charlotte News is a nonprofit community-based newspaper dedicated to informing townspeople of current events and issues.

Mission Statement
The mission of The Charlotte News is to inform our readers about current events, issues and topics, and to serve as a forum for the free exchange of views of town residents and community volunteer organizations on matters related to Charlotte and the lives of its residents.

Editorial independence
The Board of Directors retains full authority over all editorial and advertising content in The Charlotte News. While we are funded by advertising revenue and donor contributions, our news judgments are made in accordance with our mission and independent of all sources of financial support, including support given through our affiliated 501(c)3 organization, The Friends of The Charlotte News.

Letters, Commentaries and Obituaries
Consistent with our mission The Charlotte News publishes letters to the editor, commentaries and obituaries from our readers. All letters, commentaries and obituaries are subject to review and approval by the news editor of the paper and to the following rules and standards:

  • Letters to the editor, commentaries and obituaries should be emailed as attachments in .doc format. All letters, commentaries and obituaries must contain the writer’s full name, town of residence and, for editing purposes only, phone number.
  • Letters may not exceed 300 words, obituaries 500 words and commentaries 750 words.
  • The opinions expressed in commentaries and letters to the editor belong solely to the author and are not to be understood as endorsed by either the Board of Directors or the editorial staff of the paper.
  • All published letters and commentaries will include the writer’s name and town of residence.
  • Before publishing any obituary, we will need proper verification of death.
  • All submissions are subject to editing for clarity, factual accuracy, tone, length and consistency with our house publishing style.
  • Whenever editing is necessary we will make every effort to publish each submission in its entirety and to preserve the original intent and wording. We will confer with writers before publishing any submitted material that in our judgment requires significant editing before it can be published.
  • The news editor makes the final determination whether a letter to the editor, a commentary or an obituary will be published as submitted, returned for rewriting or rejected.


Send address changes to:

The Charlotte News
P.O. Box 251
Charlotte, VT 05445

Telephone: 425-4949


Send donations and make checks payable to: 

The Friends of the Charlotte News
P.O. Box 211
Charlotte, VT 05445

Subscription Information

The Charlotte News is delivered at no cost to all Charlotte residences.

Subscriptions are available for first-class delivery at $60 per calendar year.

The Team

Anna Syrell, Layout Manager
Anna Cyr
Managing Editor
Elizabeth Langfeldt
Ad Manager
Chea Waters Evans
News Editor
Susan Jones
Edd Merrit
Contributing Editor
Beth Merritt
Copy Editor
Vince Crockenberg
Copy Editor

The Board

Claudia Marshall
Christina Asquith
Ted LeBlanc

Board members: President: Claudia Marshall
([email protected])
Treasurer: Ted leBlanc
([email protected])
Board members: Christina Asquith, Bob Bloch, Vince Crockenberg, Jack Fairweather, Bailey Grattelo, Ben Miller, John Quinney, Gay Regan, Tom Tiller, John Hammer (emeritus)