Busy — like blue-assed flies

Dear Reader:

“We’re running around like blue-assed flies” is Kiwi slang for “We’re really, really busy,” a common condition during holiday season.

Claudia Marshall
Claudia Marshall
John Quinney
John Quinney

Like you, we’re scrambling to get ready for the holidays, making plans, finding our tree, arranging celebrations with family and friends. We’re also making our year-end donations.

In that regard, here’s where things stand at The Charlotte News.

We currently have a “triple match” opportunity. That is to say, for every dollar you donate, up to $6,000 in total, we will receive three.

We could use the push! At just past the halfway point in our year-end campaign, we’ve received 140 gifts (many thanks for those) but are running behind schedule.

So, if you’ve been waiting to make your year-end gift, here are two good reasons to do it now: NewsMatch will double all gifts up to $1,000, and the board of directors and friends of the paper have offered an additional challenge which will triple your gift.

This is amazing. Every gift we receive by the end of the year will be matched three times. Our goal is $6,000 in gifts which will turn into $18,000 to support our work.

What will you see in return for your investment in The Charlotte News?

More stories like “Community Heart and Soul to kick off next month” in this issue of the paper, more town histories, news on town affairs and calendar listings for events in town and nearby, more town history and opinion pieces from community writers. In short, we’ll continue to work hard to make your local, nonprofit paper even more useful, interesting and fun to read.

With the support of folks like you, The Charlotte News will keep this community connected, informed and entertained, as we’ve done for almost 65 years.

Please make your year-end donation now — it’s quick and easy:

  • Drop your check in the envelope included with this paper, or
  • make your gift on our website.

If you have questions about the paper, are considering a gift of appreciated stock or have thoughts about our plans for the future, please reach out. Our emails are John Quinney and Claudia Marshall. Or give John a call at 802-318-7189. We’d love to hear from you.

This is our last paper for the year. We’ll be back on Jan. 12.

All the best for a happy holiday season,

John Quinney

Publisher and President


Claudia Marshall



Chair, Fundraising Committee