Senior Center News – October 7, 2021

“[One] who learns but does not think is lost.
[One] who thinks but does not learn is in great danger.”
~ Confucius

Course descriptions can be found in the printed Fall Schedule or on the website. Registration and payment is in person or by phone (425-6345).

Mindfulness for Life with Jill Abilock
Tuesday afternoons, 1:30–2:30. No fee.
Please note that this class meeting time has changed. Walk-ins are welcome. Course continues to 10/26. You can’t always change what you experience in life, but you can change how you experience it. Mindfulness Meditation provides tools that help change how you experience things, increasing fulfillment and happiness, and reducing stress.

Exploring Line & Color: A Creative Process Workshop with Jonathan Silverman
Tuesday morning, 10/19 from 10–11:30.
Register by 10/15. Suggested $5 donation to cover materials. This 1.5-hour visual art workshop will focus on exploration, discovery and play. Simple prompts and using pencil, markers, and pastels will replenish the artist within for those who claim not to have any artistic DNA—and also for those with artistic experience. The supportive and joyful environment will emphasize process and surprises. Co-sponsored by the Charlotte Library. (See also information on Jonathan Silverman’s art exhibit for Oct and Nov. in Art News below.)

Exercise – Ongoing courses
These are ongoing throughout the year—and you can join at any time. These classes take place in our spacious Great Room. You’re invited to come and check out a class one time—for no charge. You may check out several different classes. Stop by and fill out an address form. Walk-ins are welcome.

Be sure to see the course descriptions in the Fall Schedule or see the website for the details. You are also always welcome to call with questions or stop in.

Chair Yoga – Mon., 9:30 a.m.
Gentle Yoga – Mon., 11:00 a.m.
Pilates Plus – Tues., 8:30 a.m.
Essentrics – Wed. – 8:30 a.m.
Pilates – Thur., 8:30 a.m.
T’ai Chi for Beginners – Thurs., 10 a.m. (This is now back on Zoom.)
T’ai Chi – Advanced – Thurs., 11 a.m.
Essentrics – Fri. – 9:30 a.m.

Wednesday Talks & Events at 1 p.m.
All Wednesday talks and events are now in person. Masks are required for everyone who plans to attend. Important: Please note that registration is necessary these days, so that we can manage the audience size. You can call between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. to sign up.

10/13: Bones, Breaks & Balance: Separating Myths from Facts with Tina D’Amato, DO
Focusing on prevention strategies and education around bone density and fractures in seniors, we will review the often confusing and conflicting information about calcium supplements, touch on Vitamin D and other supplements, and prescription medications. Resources for self-directed and group exercise as well as physical therapy will be reviewed. ~ Dr. D’Amato is a family medicine physician working at Charlotte Family Health.

10/20: Annual Meeting of the Friends of Charlotte Senior Center
Join us to become better acquainted with the workings of our organization. An update of our financial position will be given, any questions will be answered, and the election of board members will take place. Hope to see you there.

10/27: To be announced.
11/3: An American Family in the Evil Empire with Steve Goldstein
11/10: Immigration Challenges: The Road Ahead with Greg Smith

Sue Foley’s Monday Munch Cooking Team (left to right) Bev Burley, Sue Foley, Andy Hodgkin, Carol Strobeck. Photos by Lori York.

Lunch schedule
Our meal schedule is currently in flux. Monday lunches are continuing; Wednesday lunches are suspended indefinitely at the moment. Please call in advance to be certain that a Monday lunch will be offered on the day you plan to come. Reservations are not required. The next Monday lunch is Oct. 11. Suggested donation is still just $5. Meal time is 11:30-12:30. Take out may be requested.

10/11. Autumn Vegetable Soup, Cape Cod Salad, Apple Dessert
10/18. No lunch served today.
10/25. Menu TBD

Menus are also posted on the CSC website. Our café is spacious and airy, and our porch has tables with big sun umbrellas.

Art news:  The October & November Art Exhibit
These two months will display Jonathan Silverman’s “Visual Dancing: The Interplay between Intent and Spontaneity.” His artwork ranges from landscape and abstract watercolors and pastels, to whimsical driftwood character sculptures, to functional and non-functional pottery inspired by Japanese aesthetics. His work explores juxtapositions of color, balance, form and movement that illustrate the dance between intent and spontaneity. Please note that the art opening for this show, originally scheduled for 10/8, has been cancelled.

Notes on masks
If you’d like to visit or join an activity, there are some mask requirements to keep in mind. Plus, some activities, like Bridge and Mahjong, are requiring participants to be fully vaccinated because they take place over long periods of time and in close proximity. Please do call to check if you want to join a new activity.

Here is where things are now at the Senior Center. If you are . . .
Fully vaccinated: No mask required—but strongly encouraged. Social distancing advised.
Not vaccinated: Mask required. Social distancing required. (6 feet).
Not vaccinated & not wearing a mask (for any reason): Kindly do not plan to visit at this time. We ask that you come back after the mask guidance for the Senior Center is updated.

Please visit our website for expanded course descriptions and more information. The mission of the Senior Center is to serve those 50 and up; some course enrollments are limited and, if a course is not full, younger participants are most welcome to enroll. Questions? Call or stop by between 9–4, or leave a message at 425-6345.

See you soon!