Kim Findlay, Charlotte Green Up Day Co-Coordinator

Did you know that Vermont was the first state to designate a day of the year to clean up litter along the roadsides? And on that day in 1970, 51 years ago (!), participation and results far exceeded expectations: 95% of the 2,400 miles of the interstate and state roads and 75% of the 8,300 miles of town roads were cleared of garbage! Thanks to Governor Deane C. Davis and Senator George Aiken, we have a wonderful tradition which inspires Vermonters to get out and de-trash this beautiful state.

In our town, Green Up Day has had a robust turnout every year with tons (yes, tons!) of litter removed from our roadsides. This year Green Up Day is Saturday, May 1. We will be at the west parking lot at Charlotte Central School from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. To round out the weekend, there is e-waste recycling at the event and a group clean-up of the Charlotte Park and Wildlife Refuge. This year, Ken Spencer is donating one of his Planet Packs©, a litter pick-up backpack, for a free raffle. Simply stop by during the day and fill in a raffle ticket.

Due to the pandemic, the school district requires that we practice safety measures as suggested by the state. Wear masks and keep a safe distance from others while at the event.

Things you should know:

Sign up for a route (3 ways):

  1. on our website,
  2. send an email to Kim, or
  3. at the event on Saturday, May 1.

Signing up for a route makes our efforts more efficient by making sure everyone gets a road that hasn’t been cleaned up yet.

Get bags
This year we will be giving out green bags for trash and optional clear bags for redeemable and recyclable plastic containers. Bags can be picked up at the event on Saturday. You can carry just a green bag and put everything in there, or you can carry both bags and separate trash from recyclable items. Please do not leave filled bags on the roadside—they must be returned to the event site.

Volunteers are needed! My co-coordinator Ken Spencer and I would love to have helpers at the CCS parking lot! Two-hour (or more) shifts available.

Visit our website
Our website has all the information you need…and lots more, or contact me with any questions, to help out, or sign up for a route.

I don’t know about you, but it warms my heart to see folks out cleaning up our town together. It says so much about how we care for this land and shows how important it is in so many ways to keep trash from piling up.

Whether driving, biking or walking around town, isn’t it great to not see that junk on the side of the road? And to share a collective feeling of stewardship? Thank you for helping out on this very special day!