Charlotte Central School announces 2023-24 teaching teams

Champlain Valley School District meeting
At the March 21 Champlain Valley School District board meeting, newly elected members were welcomed, including Charlotte board representatives Meghan Metzler and Meghan Siket.

Shelburne Community School’s diversity, equity and inclusion coach, LaShawn Sells, talked about her work with families, staff and students.

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Retired district chief operating officer Jeanne Jensen explained the impact of changes in school funding laws on the school district.

Also, Charlotte Central School kindergarten teachers Sarah Cota and Jensa Bushey talked about the learning some of the educators are involved in, focusing on a deeper understanding of the science of reading and the need for a balanced literacy program.

Configuration of 2023-24 teaching teams
Every year Charlotte Central School arranges personnel to best meet the needs of the student population. The following will be the configuration for the coming school year:

Kindergarten: Sarah Cota and Beth Rowntree
First grade: Michelle Filardi and Monica Lubic
Second grade: Danielle Hall-Potvin, Shannon Spellman and Devon Davis
Third grade: Linda Poirier and Sophie Hatch
Fourth grade: Katie Fraser and Dana Hanf
K-4 special educators: Lizzy Healy, Doug Pierson and speech-language pathologist Alyssa Jones
Fifth grade math and science: Dave Baird
Fifth grade English language arts and social studies: Brian Loughlin
Sixth grade math and science: Chris Evans
Sixth grade English language arts and social studies: Conor Emerson
Seventh and eighth grade: Matt Lutz
Seventh and eighth grade humanities: Julia Beerworth
Seventh and eighth grade world language: Sarah Pierson (World Language)
Seventh and eighth grade math: Rachael Miller
Seventh and eighth grade science: Andrew Lounsbury
Fifth-eighth grade special educators: Betsy Martin, Beth Slater, Allison Carr and Angie Morin
Fifth-eighth grade speech-language pathologist: Caroline Homan.

School safety and security
Schools are always refining their safety practices with new information and training to meet changing patterns in student groups. This can’t be done alone. The following are some of the partnerships helping the school keep students and staff safe:

  • Relationships — Charlotte Central School has a social emotional curriculum. Time is set aside every day for advisory and morning meetings. The school is staffed with highly skilled mental health and behavioral professionals. These educators are learning to recognize the impact of race, economic hardship, gender identity, visible and invisible disability and trauma. Charlotte Central School hopes to send a unanimous and resounding message that all of us belong — every student and every family, every similarity and every difference.
  • A digital world — Coming out of the pandemic, students craved connection and they turned to their devices to fill time and a need. The following titles can be digitally searched by parents for helpful resources: “Meet the Digital Citizens!”; “Want Kids to be More Responsible Online? Start Early”; “Harvard EdCast — How to Support your Child’s Digital Life.”
  • School Violence — After recent reports of school violence and false school threats, the following resources could help facilitate conversations with students or help answer complex questions at home — “National Association of School Psychologists’ Talking to Children About Violence: Tips for Parents and Teachers”; “Common Sense Media’s How to Talk to Kids About School Shootings”; “Child Mind Institute’s How to Talk to Kids About School Shootings.”
  • Community partners — Charlotte Central School has partnerships with the Vermont State Police, the Shelburne Police Department, Charlotte Fire and Rescue, Howard Center and the Department for Children and Families. The school completes schoolwide and staff-focused training to work through scenarios that they hope they will never face.

The Wizard of Oz
The Charlotte Central School performances of The Wizard of Oz will be given in the school multi-performance room at 7 p.m. Friday, April 14, and at 2 and 7 p.m. Saturday, April 15.