Robert Bloch


Widge Currier had just pulled up at his family’s camp at the tip of Thompson’s Point Sunday afternoon, focused on the annual ritual of opening the expansive 1800s camp for the summer season. A quick look around brought his eyes to a strange shape moving in the woods near the lakeshore. Instinctively, Widge reached for his cellphone’s camera as a large round dark shape emerged from the woods and ambled toward him.  It was a fairly large black bear, which casually kept advancing, oblivious to the human in his midst. Finally, Widge decided to move behind his truck, at which point, the bear noticed him and veered left and headed up Thompson’s Point Road.  Jill Paul, at her family’ s camp just up the road also reported seeing the bear walk by.

What was the bear doing down at the tip of Thompson’s Point? Who knows? Maybe looking for a cozy rental for the summer.