Letter to the editor – March 31, 2021

To the editor:

I have been wondering about the future direction of our paper given recent wrinkles among staff and Board. I think about what makes The Charlotte News special and what, over the years, has given it ballast when there are waves. Imagine how helpful it would be if that essence were described so that those who work, contribute, and faithfully volunteer for the paper could align themselves with what the paper is and is not, with its mission, and with its distinct place in our community.

Our trusty Charlotte News runs deep and holds fast; it speaks to the heart of the town and binds us together. If people don’t know this, they probably should. Can the ethos of the ‘News’ be articulated to capture this? It comes down to a few powerful things; The Charlotte News enhances our lives and fosters a sense of community among us. It’s that simple! We are the paper. Some of us put the paper together, others get it to press, our voices appear on its pages, and all of us read it. We sit on the boards, organize the functions, and celebrate the events about which articles are researched and written. Participation like this engenders a sense of belonging, loyalty, and trust in this sturdy paper. One of the remarkable aspects of The Charlotte News is the way it walks a fine and intentional line, cultivating stories from our neighbors and town acquaintances along with rigorous, in depth, and balanced reporting of town affairs that affect our daily lives. These parts are integral to the whole; we anticipate them in every issue. They have successfully co-existed over time, neither at the expense of the other and always with an eye on the quality writing for which our paper is known. Good writing after all, is a hallmark of The Charlotte News.

I’d like to see us nurture the soul of this gem of a paper and preserve what has made it so enduring, such a part of us. It is a reliable source of fine story telling, prescient and poignant articles and above all, important reading with one’s morning mug of coffee.

Molly McClaskey
Charlotte, VT