Anna Syrell

The Charlotte News, Charlotte, VermontBy John Quinney, The Charlotte News Board of Directors

Last week, we launched a website survey, asking you, our readers, a few questions about our website – as it is today, and what you’d like to see us offer in the future. Responses are still coming in, and we’d like as many readers as possible to weigh in. Here’s the survey.

Here’s some of what we’ve heard so far:

“I always read the synopsis of meetings.”
“In these COVID days, I have preferred to read the online versions of articles but somehow missed the option to download a pdf of the current edition! Now I know!”
“More detail on town meetings to keep the public informed.”
“Continue to include articles about/interviews with local residents.”
“Website is best for ‘breaking news’ requiring early attention in the opinion of editors.”
“I prefer to read the printed paper that comes in the mail. That’s a nice break from too much screen time.”
“I think you can increase content and change the format to get more on a page. Rolling photographs and headlines are nice, too.”

Our survey will be on The Charlotte News website for at least the next couple of weeks. We really want to hear from as many of our readers as possible, so if you’ve not already done so, stroll over to our website and give us your thoughts.

Many thanks to those who have already completed the short survey.