May 2020 property transactions

May 5.    Green Mountain Habitat for Humanity to Champlain Housing Trust, condo, 182 Alberts Way,  $162,832.

May 5.    Champlain Housing Trust to Marissa Patti, condo, 182 Alberts Way, $216,000.

May 7.    Robert and Nancy Bloch to Ian Michael and Katharine McMahon Karczewski, 7.83 acres with dwelling, 1188 Whalley Road, $701,000.

May 11.   Richard G. Green, trustee of the Greene Living Trust, to James T. and Pamela P.C. Unsworth, 12.7 acres with dwelling, 167 Spear Street, $514,000.

May 20.  John and Susan Zahn to David and Heatherly Allard, 19.48 acres with dwelling, 566 Guinea Road, $667,500.

May 22.  Elysabeth Ann James Trust to Jacob Ian and Jennifer Leigh Helmick, 7.42 acres with dwelling, 3960 Spear Street, $400,000.

May 28.  Richard Y. Hertzberg Revocable Trust and Deborah R. Loveitt Revocable Trust to Bradley A. and Pamela L. Horn, 15.05 acres with dwelling, 962 Bean Road, $535,000.