Property tax rates set

The tax rate has been set for the July 1, 2019–June 30, 2020 tax year. The municipal tax rate has been set at $0.2021 and our local agreement tax rate is $0.0005, giving a total rate of $0.2026. The State of Vermont education tax rates for Homestead and Non-residential properties are $1.4831 and $1.6322 respectively. This results in a total tax rate of $1.6857 for Homestead properties and $1.8348 for Non-residential properties. For comparison, this past year’s tax rates were $1.6856 for Homestead and $1.8067 for Non-residential.

Tax bills should be going out sometime around the week of August 12. Since the tax rate has been set, we know the amount due for your property if that is something you need to know before receiving your bill. Feel free to call our office at (802) 425-3071 or via email.

On another note, I am anticipating holding a tax sale this year as, unfortunately, there are properties with two years of taxes currently delinquent. Don’t let yourself be in this group! Send in your payment or at least a partial payment and get yourself off that list, especially as we go forward into the next tax year.