Property Transfers: April 2024

April 1 Jan W Cannon to Chiara & Sheila Hollender, 19 Garen Rd. with dwelling 2.66 acres $595,000

April1 Philip Lassallle to Laurey C Mauck Revocable Trust 2088 Spear Street with dwelling 2.34 acres $535,000

April 8 Beth S. Merritt TRE Beth S. Merritt Revocable Trust to Michael A.Champ Collette N. Khajehali 2086 Hinesburg Rd. with dwelling 2.3 acres $650,000

April 10 Jane J. Tingley to Joseph J. Aube & Julie Ann E. Franklin 2087 Dorset Street with dwelling 7.0 acres $252,596.70

April 22 Carol Y. Conard TRE Carol Y Conard Trust to MARBRYK Gen 2 LLC 260 North Shore Seasonal dwelling 0 acres $695,000

April 22 Peter Richardson Revocable Trust Peter & Nancy Richardson Trustees to Scott Kirkwood Katherine Clavelle 1410 Church Hill Rd. with dwelling 1.27 acres $800,000

April 22 Jeffrey N. & Malia M. Stout to Brian S & Kimberly L Forbes 335 Upper Meadow Lane with dwelling 2.43 acres $1,200,000

April 22 Marilyn Boyle Family Trust to Carol Y Conard Trust 62 North Shore Rd. Seasonal cottage NA $610,000

This information was supplied by Jay Strausser of Four Seasons Sothebys International Real Estate.