It’s all about trout

Just days before sixth graders at Charlotte Central School were released into the wild to swim and have fun with their friends, they traveled to Starksboro to release some trout into Lewis Creek to do the same. With rolled up pant cuffs and shoes in a pile on the creek bed, students gently released the trout from Dixie cups into the chilly stream.

Students participated in the release as part of the Trout in the Classroom project, which is led by CCS teacher Mike Hulvey and Bob Wible from Trouth Unlimited, which sponsors the project through the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department.

Over the course of the school year, students participate in a cross-disciplinary unit that involves raising trout in classroom aquariums and then releasing them into the wild. The project’s goal is to teach students about Vermont’s aquatic ecosystems and the anatomy and development of the trout from egg to adult; it also involves math studies and chemistry.