“A hunting we will go ….”

Family fun at the Charlotte Land Trust Scavenger Hunt
More than 30 children and their parents were lucky enough to participate in an energetic nature-scavenger hunt at the Charlotte Park and Wildlife Refuge on Saturday, May 19.  From toddlers to “tweens,” the park was alive with young voices thrilled by the excitement of the “find”!  The children were sent off to find such specimens as milkweed pods, tree galls, shagbark hickory trees, oak leaves and butterflies. They checked off their accomplishments on beautifully illustrated cards that were drawn for the Land Trust by Tessa Miskell Duquette, who grew up in Shelburne and Charlotte.  

The event was a great success. The Land Trust organizers and the committee were pleased the rain held off and that the children and their parents were so enthusiastic about the free activity.  This was the first event for younger people organized by the Land Trust, and the Trust hopes to do something similar on conserved land again in the future.  

The Charlotte Land Trust has worked to conserve the best of Charlotte’s agricultural, natural and scenic resources for over 30 years. Thanks to the generosity of landowners who have conserved their land and with the support of our donors and the Town’s Conservation Fund, we have helped ensure that these lands will remain a prominent part of Charlotte’s landscape now and into the future.

Frances Foster is a member of the Charlotte Land Trust Board of Directors.