Champion Bur Oak at Hills Point. Photo by Meg Berlin

Species and circumference in inches measured 4.5 feet above ground

Native to Charlotte

Species, Circumference and location (GPS in degrees, minutes, seconds)

American (White) Elm, 128, Donegans, 1506 Carpenter Road (44/20/32 N, 73/9/54 W))

American (White) Elm, 138, Stockbridge Rd, just off Mt. Philo Road

Basswood, 164, Thorp Cove Road

Beech, 130, Mt. Philo Road (McGinnis)

Big Toothed Aspen, 63, Upper Old Town Trail (Keyes)

Bitternut Hickory, 141, Upper Old Town Trail (Keyes)

Black Ash, 49, Carpenter Road (Donegan Farm) Carpenter Road (44/20/12 N, 73/9/56 W)

Black Birch, 56, Guinea Road (Butnor)

Black Cherry, 89, Lewis Creek Road (Cheney)

Black Gum, 8, Town Green

Black Maple, 87, Lake Road (44/16/42 N, 73/16/15 W)

Black Willow, 170, (Deceased)

Box Elder, 95, Charlotte Family Health Center, Ferry Road

Bur Oak, 183, Matt Donaldson’s on Garen Road

Butternut, 134, Woodruffs, Garen Road

Cottonwood, 174, Philo Ridge Farm

Green Ash, 90, Lake Road (Peter)

Hackberry, 9, Town Green

Hemlock, 110, Near Williams Woods (Muggenthaler)

Hophornbeam, 75, Lewis Creek Road (Cheney)

Pin Oak, 42, CCS (44/19/3 N, 73/13/20 W)

Red Cedar, 58, Town land, Thompson’s Point Road

Red Maple, 131, McCabe Brook, Lime Kiln Road

Red Oak, 151, Lewis Creek Road (Cheney)

Red Pine, 58, Thompson’s Point Rd. (Winterthur)

River Birch, 6, Town Green

Scarlet Oak, 137, Spear Street (Moraska)

Serviceberry, 20, UVM Natural Area, Pease Mountain

Shagbark Hickory, 151, Whalley, off Whalley Road

Silver Maple, 147, Lake Road, between Thompson’s Point and Converse Bay Road

Silver Maple, 168, Patricia Lander, 826 Carpenter Road (44/20/26 N, 73/10/44 W)

Slippery (Red) Elm, 106, Krasnows

Sugar Maple, 211, Fox Run Road (Purdum) (44/19/28 N, 73/14/48 W)

Swamp White Oak, 160, Ten Stones, opposite Montgomery residence

Sycamore, 43, Lake Road (Walker/Boynton, planted in 2000)

Tamarack, 64, West of Spear St. (Hinsdale)

Trembling Aspen, 49, Upper Old Town Trail (Keyes)

White (European) Poplar, 93, Baldwin Road

White Ash, 172, Lake Road Ext. (44/16/55 N, 73/16/9 W)

White Birch, 63, Lake Road (Donovan/O’Donnell)

White Cedar, 150, Barber Hill Cemetery (44/18/5 N, 73/15/18 W)

White Oak, 179, North Pasture Lane (Keenan)

White Pine, 135, Lewis Creek Road (Cheney)

White Pine, 138, Roscoe Road, Mary Mead and Moe Harvey,  (44/16/34 N, 73/9/11 W

Non-native but widely planted or escaped

Black Locust, 158, Horsford’s (44/19/20 N, 73/15/22 W)

Black Walnut, 137, Converse Bay Road (S. Horsford)

Honey Locust, 142, Preston at 839 One Mile Road

Horse Chestnut, 134, Horsford’s (44/19/20 N, 73/15/1 W)

Norway Maple, 95, Thompson’s Point Rd, near marina (44/16/42 N, 73/16/54 W)

Norway Spruce, 77

Weeping Willow, 254 , Mt. Philo Road, near Shelburne line