Charlotte Central School transitions into spring sports

A newer tradition at Charlotte Central School has been the monthly all-school meetings that are hosted by different grades. In early April the second graders taught students and staff all about the solar eclipse and what to expect. Songs like “Walking on Sunshine” and “Total Eclipse of the Heart” kept the mood lively, helping students dance into and out of the multi-purpose room.

Not only did the learners share facts, they created a demonstration for all to understand better how an eclipse happens. Every student brought home a pair of eclipse glasses.

Spring sports
Charlotte Central School is preparing for spring sports — baseball, track & field and ultimate frisbee.

This seasonal transition was a great opportunity to reflect on the co-curricular experiences provided to the students of Charlotte Central School. In the fall, students in fifth-eighth grades could choose between cross-country or soccer. This winter, there were four teams for basketball.

Other clubs like Lego robotics, math counts and theater give students other options for connecting with peers and doing what they love. These opportunities would not have been possible without the coaching and coordination by the team of educators.

District III jazz festival
On April 5, the District III jazz festival was held at Browns River Middle School in Jericho. Students from 12 Chittenden County middle schools participated, including Charlotte Central School. 

Band director Andy Smith has been co-managing the festival since its inception 10 years ago. This year, he guest conducted the maiden voyage of the D-3 jazz combo.

Riak Chol, a Charlotte Central School alto sax player, was a featured soloist in this ensemble and wowed the audience by performing three memorable improvised solos.

Nathaneal Akselrod (trombone) and Odie Kallock (tenor saxophone) were incredible section players in the D-3 big band. They have gained a reputation of being solid and dependable members of the middle school festival scene as they also participated in the District III band, orchestra and chorus festival held in February.

Owen Scriver played lead trombone in the big band and turned the heads of the band directors, fellow ensemble members and audience with his creative and bold solos. He was featured in two tunes and was a highlight of the evening.

Liam Anderson drove the entire big band by performing on the upright bass. He set the groove. He created a buzz with his outstanding solo and the feel he brought to the tunes.

Charlotte Central School could not have had better representation. The students, once again, made the whole community proud.