Charlotte Grange celebrates Charlotte with online auction

The Charlotte Grange’s mission is to honor our agrarian roots and build a resilient future for all. We think Charlotte is special, and we want to be part of contributing to and growing community connections, helping fellow Charlotters in need, advocating for and raising awareness about Charlotte farmers and makers, encouraging civic engagement, bringing the arts and music to more Charlotters, and more broadly: Celebrating Charlotte.

This spring, we are putting the desire to celebrate Charlotte front and center with our online auction. Our biennial fundraiser is unique because it has a 100 percent local focus. All items are donated by Charlotte-owned businesses and Charlotte residents. And gosh, does our town have a lot of generous, entrepreneurial and creative folks.

By focusing on Charlotte-owned businesses and residents, our auction not only raises enough money to keep the lights on at the Grange Hall for two years, but it also helps raise awareness for all the amazing items and services being created and offered in our town. One of the most fun aspects of browsing the auction items is finding out about our huge variety of local entrepreneurs and what they’re up to.

Our “Celebrating Charlotte!” auction happens completely online and runs March 15-24. During that window of time, anyone can log in at to view and bid on more than 100 items.

The Charlotte Grange is deeply grateful to all the individuals and businesses who donated items and services. We thank in advance all the folks who choose to participate in the auction and bid on items. We hope you enjoy the items you win. This is truly a community effort. We are honored and inspired by the fact that so many Charlotters support our organization and its efforts. And in turn, our cup is filled by the work we do to build community and enrich our town.

(Tai Dinnan is president of Charlotte Grange —