Still time to be heard — town manager or administrator?

On Jan. 31, we’ll close our survey on switching from a town administrator system of government to a town manager. On Feb. 8, we’ll publish the results in The Charlotte News.

We’re grateful to the more than 160 people who have already completed the survey and added remarks and questions. If you’ve not done so, now is the time. Go to the survey. Our goal is to receive at least 200 completed surveys by Jan. 31.

If you’re looking for more information on the town manager question, check out recent stories and commentaries in this newspaper and on our website.

Here are just a few of the comments and questions we’ve received over the past week:

  • “We currently have a ‘reactive’ form of government. I’d like to see a more ‘proactive’ approach where policy and planning for the future is emphasized and supported by a knowledgeable professional.”
  • “I’ve heard from both sides and seen their passion, but I haven’t heard enough from people who are neutral on this issue but well informed. I’d also like to see a before-and-after comparison of towns our size that made the change, and what benefits they’ve seen.”
  • “Can the newly hired town administrator take on more responsibility to help relieve the selectboard? Let’s give the administrator model time and support.”
  • “Selectboard has too much to do — town manager would be more efficient.”
  • “It is not the selectboard’s fault that issues facing Charlotte seem daunting, but changing to a manager isn’t going to solve them.”
  • “Change can be a good thing, and this seems timely and well considered and formulated.”
  • “Whichever costs less, we should do.”
    If you’ve got questions about this important town issue, plan on attending one of the public hearings scheduled by the selectboard. The first is on Tuesday, Jan. 30, the second on Monday, Feb. 5. Both meetings will be held at town hall and start at 6:30 p.m.

(John Quinney is publisher of The Charlotte News and chair of the board of directors. The opinions expressed here are his own and not necessarily those of the newspaper or the board. Neither the newspaper nor the board have taken a position on the town manager-town administrator question.)