Instruction, parenting and fun at Charlotte Central School

Connection Night sponsored by the PTO, administrators reflected on the instructional changes over the last couple of years, highlighting the innovative ways educators strive to meet the needs of every student.

There are many opportunities for community members to help with this mission. People, who have one hour a week to be a mentor, can contact Charlotte Central School mentor coordinator Kate Rooney.

Those interested in supporting a lunch-recess rotation, can contact the PTO grade representatives or officers.

Library exploratory classes have been practicing their digital literacy skills with PebbleGo. PebbleGo can be accessed from school, home or on the go — anywhere with an internet connection. PebbleGo and PebbleGo Next are nonfiction databases geared toward the needs of kindergarten-fifth graders.

Alongside the school collection of print materials, these digital tools help students learn foundational research skills and provide critical early-reader supports like audio voice overs and text highlighting. Contact Heidi Huestis for a username and password if you would like to explore these digital tools at home.

Halloween at Charlotte Central
Several years ago, Charlotte Central School moved away from celebrating Halloween during the school day to maintain a calm routine focused on learning and social activities that are accessible and inclusive for all students.

This year the student-body gathered to see Woody Kepple and Rob Crites as they performed their new show at Charlotte Central School. Their show is music, physical comedy, circus-centric and works for all ages.
The school was fortunate to see this performance before it is performed at the Rockefeller Arts Center in Fredonia on Nov. 4.

Screen-time struggles
ParentIN CVSD is billed as a “Free Webinar for Caregivers & Educators: Teens, Social Media & Mental Health.” Those interested in participating may virtually join ParentIN CVSD at 7 p.m., Nov. 16, as host Erin Walsh of Spark and Stitch Institute presents a live webinar addressing screen-time struggles with science and understanding.
Walsh will explore questions like:

  • What is the impact of social media and gaming on mental health?
  • Is technology connecting young people or isolating them?
  • Is internet, gaming or phone addiction real?
  • What do kids need from parents as they navigate online risks and opportunities?
    The live event is free and ticketed. Register today.

Fall sports
Congratulations to the fall athletes and coaches who have taken love for a sport and created an unprecedented experience. Players have approached the season of soccer and cross country with camaraderie and physical and social wellness. The focus of this season was on lessons of fun, mentorship, flexibility and individualized-goal setting.

Fire safety
Members of the Charlotte Vounteer Fire and Rescue Service joined kindergarten-fourth grade students to teach about fire safety. Robert Caldwell and Carol Blanshine connected adults that work in the school building with their roles in keeping Charlotte safe.

For ideas on what families could talk about during Fire Prevention Week, click on the Fire Prevention Week section.