Help decide future of The Charlotte News

I am not writing today to ask for your money, but to ask for your thoughts.

As a nonprofit community newspaper, our readers (you!) are our single most reliable source of both funding and ideas, so we answer to you in more ways than one. We care what you think.

Tell us what you think by taking a few minutes to complete the survey at our website.

Right now, we want your input on the paper and website, as well as on what issues in Charlotte matter most to you. There are also questions about our nonprofit business model. Does it work for you?

Your responses will help shape the future of The Charlotte News. Plus, we have some incentives for you. When you complete this short survey, you’ll be entered in a drawing on Oct. 15 to win one of five prizes kindly donated by Philo Ridge, Dick Stowe Firewood, Tenney’s Snack Bar & Bottle Redemption, Fat Cow Farm and Regan Outdoor Leadership.

Please share your thoughts by Oct. 15, and we will put the results on the website and in the paper on Oct. 19.

As our editor, Scooter MacMillan, puts it: “Since its founding this newspaper has been part and parcel of Charlotte. By filling out our survey, you help keep this tradition alive.”

We have printed copies of the survey available if you would prefer to work with pen and paper instead of an online survey. I would be happy to put one in the mail for you. Email me and be sure to include your mailing address or call me at 802-318-7189.

Many thanks to the more than 100 people who have already completed our reader survey!