Fall activities in full swing at Charlotte Central School

The Charlotte Central School open house and PTO potluck was joyful with classrooms welcoming parents and filled with learning examples. Students shared their routines. 

The staff is grateful to members of the PTO for contributing to the potluck.
Some special events this week include:

  • Talent show and skits performed by the fifth grades during Friday Fun.
  • Grade 3 taking a walking field trip to Philo Ridge Farm.
  • Picture day was filled with smiles. If students missed getting their photo taken, there will be a makeup or retake day in the next month or so.
  • The new Lego League had its first practice. A few spots are still available. Email Tim Holcomb if interested.
  • The kindergarten classes made a delicious-smelling batch of applesauce.

Hydroponic flex farm
The Charlotte Central School food service staff have an exciting addition to the school cafeteria — a hydroponic flex farm in use.

This flex farm implements vertical, hydroponic technology and may be able to grow more than 394 pounds of produce annually while also being portable and only needing a standard electrical outlet. Lettuce, basil and cilantro are currently being grown in the hydroponic flex farm and will be used in school meals for students and staff.

Also, students are able to see the plants as they grow and observe the changes each day. Thanks to the food service staff for educating students on sustainable growing practices.

Substitutes needed
The recent beautiful weather has been perfect for getting kids outside and moving. Even with some sickness traveling through the faculty, the school has kept the learning going. Staff from all around the building have slid in to cover classes for ailing personnel or to lend a hand during lunch and recess duties.

If anyone is interested in becoming a substitute teacher, there is a tremendous need. Please reach out to Naomi Strada or 802-425-6600, for details. 

Middle school personalization clubs
This year, the fifth-eighth grade teams have taken personalization to an exceptional level. By investigating a new passion, pathways are created for transferable skills and lifelong learning (communication, cooperation, creation, wellness and community are areas of personalization).

On Wednesdays, students will have time to work with a variety of teachers in mixed-grade groupings to explore a new hobby, talent or interest. Over the next several weeks, students will explore one of their interests that could include fly fishing, yearbook and photography, strength and agility training, beaded-jewelry making, mindfulness, writing, chess, Dungeons and Dragons, outdoor exploration or some middle schoolers will support learning in the kindergarten-fourth grade classrooms.

School safety
The safety procedures Charlotte Central School follows align with guidance from the Vermont Agency of Education, a new Vermont statute and the Champlain Valley School District.

The fire drill and run-hide-fight practice are framed to educate and support staff and students with steps that are developmentally appropriate and emotionally safe.

Charlotte Central School relies on a team of educators and community members on the School Safety Team. There are first responders who are prepared for a full scope of emergencies to help the school plan and train.
Meetings are held as a chance for staff to work on their collective understanding of emergency response, so there is coordination between school officials and first responders, if the need were to arise.

If you are a member of our Charlotte community, who works in law enforcement or as a first responder, and are interested in joining the school team, please reach out to Jen Roth and get on the communication list.