The transformation from construction zone to classrooms is amazing

The professional staff has been in curriculum planning workshops with educators from around the district who teach similar content as the district solidifies a coordinated curriculum and assessment system to better serve students.

The transformation that has taken place in the school over the last two weeks has been amazing, morphing from a first-floor construction zone to classrooms set up and ready to receive learners. Two spaces (the library and the cafeteria bathroom) are still getting some finishing touches, but will be ready to share at Open House on Sept. 21.

Students are engaging in fun social activities, exploring their math and literacy materials and taking opportunities to be creative problem solvers. Capturing these special moments to share is a priority. Photos of the happenings from each week are available. More images will continually be added to the presentation so the community can see the evolution of learning that takes place at Charlotte Central School.

The heart of the staff’s intentions this week was to make connections and develop routines. Connections are being made through social-emotional learning activities, conversations, team-building and opportunities for exploration and collaboration. Teachers and students solidify routines and expectations for learning activities, play times and transition times. Students are making sense of what they will do as readers, writers and mathematicians, and very importantly, what friends and classmates do to take care of themselves, each other and our school.

Last year, the school looked for opportunities to bring the whole student body together. Once a month, Charlotte Central School holds school-wide assemblies that different grade levels host. The hosting team creates a greeting, a share, a celebration of learning and a positive message to send the students off feeling connected and empowered. Look for more information about these meetings in the future.