Charlotte Central School getting ready for school year

As always, this summer has been very busy with projects preparing for the new school year. Spaces on both floors of the building are beginning to come together so furniture and teaching materials can be set up for the start of the year.

File photo. Charlotte Central School

The STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) room feels a little bigger now that the extra storage closet has been removed to make room for additional hands-on tools for kids.

The front porch’s structural components will be replaced in steps this coming week.

Lines have been added to the bus parking lot lines to help provide more spaces for the buses used by Charlotte Central School and the Shelburne Community School.

Contractors are still at work in the cafeteria, the library and outside of the building.

Students return to school on Aug. 30.

As Charlotte Central School embarks on this new year, the Champlain Valley School District has released an updated values, vision and mission. At the heart of it is a commitment to educating and empowering all students with the knowledge, understanding, skills and curiosity to contribute to and flourish in a complex world.

Messages from the Charlotte administrative team:
Jen Roth, principal
— I am thrilled to be joining Charlotte Central School for another year as the lead administrator. Seeing students be curious, compassionate and working hard to accomplish their goals inspires me. I’ve been in public education as a teacher and school leader for over 25 years. I am the mother of four children ranging in age from 18-28, whom I can watch blossom and find their place in the world. When I find down time, being on the lake or spending time with family and friends fuels me. Please reach out if you’d like to share more about your hopes for the coming school year.

Amanda Riggleman, assistant principal — I am very excited to be joining Charlotte Central School this school year as the assistant principal. I am from Virginia where I spent much of my career as a science educator before moving into administration. I have a deep love of science and learning about the natural world. I have enjoyed paddleboarding, hiking and spending time with my family this summer. I also am an equestrian outside of school and love spending time in the barn and riding. My family includes my husband, our rescue cat and two horses, as well as lots of nieces and nephews. I am looking forward to the start of school and meeting everyone in the Charlotte Central School community.

Beth Slater, director of student service — I am excited to start my seventh year at Charlotte Central School. I am the director of student services and the seventh-grade special educator. I have spent my summer playing pickleball, dodging rain to road and mountain bike and spending time with my family. I am excited to connect with students, staff and caregivers this upcoming school year.

Assignments for the 2023-2024 school year:
Kindergarten — Sarah Cota and Beth Rowntree
First grade — Michelle Filardi, Monica Lubic
Second grade — Danielle Hall-Potvin, Shannon Spellman and Jane Redden
Third grade — Linda Poirier and Sophie Hatch
Fourth grade — Katie Fraser and Dana Hanf
Special educators kindergarten-fourth grade — Lizzy Kruger, Doug Pierson and speech-language pathologist Alyssa Jones
Fifth grade — Dave Baird (math and science) and Brian Loughlin (English language arts and social studies)
Special educator fifth grade — Angie Morin
Sixth grade — Chris Evans (math and science), Conor Emerson (English language arts and social studies)
Special educator sixth grade — Allison Carr
Seventh and eighth grade — Matt Lutz and Julia Beerworth (humanities), Sarah Pierson (world language)
Rachael Miller (math) and Andrew Lounsbury (science)
Special educator seventh grade — Beth Slater
Special educator eighth grade — Betsy Martin
Speech-language pathologist — Caroline Homan

Essential arts specialists:
Science technology engineering and math — Steve Flint
Kindergarten-fourth grade physical education and wellness — Matt Kent
Fifth-eighth grade health, physical education and athletic director — Nick Elderton
Art — Erika Norris
Third-eighth grade general music and fifth-eighth grade music and instrumental — Andy Smith
Kindergarten-fourth grade general music and vocal — Chris Gribnau
Library and media specialist — Heidi Huestis
Champlain Valley School District student assistance program and third-eighth grade wellness — Amy Sayre
Math — Mary Tierney, Elisa Miller and Liz Kehr
Literacy — Deb Killkelley, Nan Boffa and Laurie Maichel
Behavior supports — Tim Holcomb and Meg Powell
Educational support — Kari Cuneo, Genevieve Trono, Simon Ateny, Zach Pichette, Donna Fraser-Leary and Kim Johansen
Part-time lunch and recess — Kate Ahrens, Robert Caldwell and Carol Blanshine.