Letter to the editor – October 6, 2022

To the Editor:

At the regular board meeting in November of last school year, Christina Deeley read a letter that was critical of certain administrators within our district. The letter outlined specific causes for her resignation and that of the other diversity, equity and inclusion coaches. Among those specific causes, she cited the administrators’ failure to equitably post the open diversity, equity and inclusion coach position, consistent with the Champlain Valley School District equity policy.

Following that board meeting, Champlain Valley School District administrators caused public and workplace harm to Deeley and all of the diversity, equity and inclusion coaches.

At a grievance meeting that took place on March 8, 2022, members of the Champlain Valley School District board apologized for internal communications being provided to a reporter by a district employee and subsequently printed in The Charlotte News. The internal communication between the coaches and the principals specifically named Deely and should have never been given to the press. The district has learned from these regrettable events and, going forward, will be better at preventing harm to students and employees.

The administration and the board are committed to ensuring that those who help the district identify equity policy violations will be protected from any forms of retaliation. With a new diversity, equity and inclusion director, campus-level diversity, equity and inclusion coaches, and a nearly completed equity audit, Champlain Valley School District stands poised to solidify district-level procedures that support the equity policy. These procedures will be collaboratively written to serve the needs of the students, staff and community.

Rene Sanchez
Superintendent Champlain Valley School District