School starts year rousingly

Charlotte Central School had a rousing start to the school year. The entire school has been transformed by having staff and students present.

The beginning of school has been a true celebration of community care. The staff motto is “All hands on deck,” so students would feel supported everywhere. The intentions shared from the district were to slow down and get to know the humans we will be learning and growing with this year.

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Led by behavior systems coordinator Tim Holcomb and planning room director Meghan Powell, all classes and teams took a “cafeteria roadshow” tour, in order to reacclimate themselves to the lunchroom procedures and expectations. Students did a great job as they came together to share the meals prepared by the food service staff.

A few kindergartners could be overheard making connections with new classmates: “You like cheese pizza, too? I love cheese pizza.”

Last Friday, Charlotte Central School had its first school-wide assembly which brought K-8 students together. This gathering followed the structure of a morning meeting: greeting, share, activity and message.

Share: The story “The Magical Yet,” an inspirational picture book for every child who is frustrated by what they can’t do yet, was read by principal Jen Roth and assistant principal Courtney Krahn.

Activity: Next, some middle schoolers, recess supervisor Robert Caldwell and superintendent Rene Sanchez, led our collaborative effort to create a community “rain” (a group activity using finger snaps, thigh slaps, stomping feet, etcetera to create the sound of a rainstorm). It sounded spectacular.

Message: As a positive behavioral interventions and supports school, the school believes in the three tenets of:
• We take care of ourselves
• We take care of others
• We take care of this place.

Tokens of acknowledgement are given to students for modeling these behaviors.
Charlotte Central School has a number of new staff:
• Ainaka Luna — Champlain Valley School District diversity, equity and inclusion coach
• Christy Sharp — K-8 art educator
• Kari Cuneo — instructional support and recess
• Nancy McGill — long -erm sub in kindergarten
• Conor Emerson — sixth grade english and language arts
• Julia Beerworth — 7/8 humanities
• Kate Rooney — connecting youth mentor coordinator
• Steve Flint — digital learning leader and STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) teacher
• Powell — planning room coordinator
• Gabrielle Clow — school service clinician
• Caldwell — recess supervisor
• Laurie Maichel — 5-8 interventionist.

Folks returning in new roles:
• Mary Tierney — math coach and coordinator
• Rachael Miller — 7/8 math instructor.