Thank you, Vince

Our Oct. 26 board meeting was the last one for Vince Crockenberg. He served on our board for eight and a half years, including several years as president and publisher. At the board meeting, we recognized Vince’s immense contributions to The News, by appointing him an emeritus member of the board. We also shared memories and hoisted a glass or two in his honor.

I’ve worked with Vince for two and a half years. During that time, and especially in the past six months, I came to appreciate more and more his unshakeable commitment to the paper and his freely offered and always thoughtful advice. There were many occasions when Vince gave with remarkable generosity, his time and his talents. I am deeply grateful to him.

Vince Crockenberg
Vince Crockenberg

Vince worked with dozens of writers, volunteers and employees over the years. Here’s what several had to say:

Vince had a talent for collecting people for the board who brought us a variety of talents and who worked well together. He gave hours of his time to make sure the paper ran smoothly. He stepped into multiple roles, filling gaps by delivering papers and editing the paper, as well as carrying out the expected functions of a board president and publisher. His long tenure brought greater financial stability to the paper. He made a number of positive changes that helped The Charlotte News meet the challenges of producing a paper in the 21st century.
— Gay Regan

I had the pleasure of working with Vince for two years or so, and in that time, I grew to know someone who was committed, thoughtful, respectful and motivated. He listened closely to what people had to say and was able to instill in others the desire and energy to help. By offering the community more than eight years of professionalism and enthusiasm, Vince epitomized what a community leader should be.
–Ted LeBlanc

Vince Crockenberg took over the reins of The Charlotte News at a time when it needed its strongest and most concentrated help. The paper had been under continuing challenges, both financial and personnel-wise. Vince had served conscientiously as a proofreader and distribution person. With the departure of the editor in 2013, he stepped right in and provided strong leadership. He continued in that important role for more than eight years. Much of his success has come from his personal strengths in recruiting strong workers and board members.
—  John Hammer

Vince was a great leader for The Charlotte News. His knowledge helped direct the staff and me to improve and evolve the paper over the years we worked together. His involvement with the community and its members brought together those who have become a part of a great paper that reflects what Charlotte is all about. Thank you, Vince, for your time and your guidance and for many years of dedication to The Charlotte News.
— Anna Cyr

I first began working with Vince in April of 2015 when I started writing occasional public health columns for The Charlotte News. Vince came to me as a recent retiree from a career of teaching and research to ask if I would be interested in writing about public health science, policy and practice.

Over the course of the next six years, I had the opportunity and pleasure to work closely with Vince as he challenged and prodded me to write on a broad range of topics and as he edited the columns I wrote.

I learned that he is 1) remarkably well read across a broad range of topics and disciplines; 2) he cares passionately about the role of print and e-news sources as guard rails for democracy and civic engagement; and, 3) he’s an incredible editor.

It took a while, but he was able to take the verbose and jargon-filled columns that I first produced and boil them down to their essence—always under 1,000 words. It’s been a wonderful and instructive ride for me.

The Charlotte News has benefited enormously, as have we all, from Vince’s skill and passion. Hopefully, you can rope him into providing an occasional opinion piece in the months and years ahead.
— Jim Hyde

Everyone here at The News joins me in wishing Vince all the best in the years ahead, especially as he challenges himself to complete more rounds of golf with scores in the 80s.