Senior Center repairs take shape

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The Charlotte Senior Center was built in 2002 and has had various upgrades and modifications. The exterior, however, was starting to look a little shabby over recent years. Town budget money was set aside after various walk arounds of the building by Town officials to get an appreciation of the deterioration and possible water damage to the structure.

Denton Construction was awarded a contract by the Town to repair and replace siding, trim and paint as necessary. Work was started this past week with a discovery of major deterioration at the base of the cupola. Thanks to the work of Peter Denton and his crew the work was completed, and the Senior Center appearance continues to be a welcoming community asset for seniors.

The Senior Center is open offering various classes, exercises, meals, and weekly Wednesday presentations. The Senior Center Board is in constant contact with State officials and comparing local practices to be sure our activities are safe. Recently a hybrid model of an exercise class was offered where participants could stay at home joining by zoom or attend in person.

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