By John Quinney, Publisher and President

Every two weeks, The Charlotte News arrives in your mailbox, no matter what. It’s been that way for 63 years. Last week we were in your mailbox again—this time with our summer request for financial support.

We are asking everyone in town to consider making a tax-deductible gift to The Charlotte News because, although the paper is free, producing it is not. Each issue costs $3,600. What is it worth to you?

The letter you received was signed by our three talented and dedicated, part-time employees—Mara Brooks, Christy Hagios and Anna Cyr—and our board members, all volunteers. Together, staff and board, we wanted to thank our writers, advertisers, donors and newsroom volunteers—several hundred people in all—for their truly remarkable support, particularly during a pandemic.

To join our supporters, send your check to us in the envelope you received last week, or simply Donate here. Thank you.

What does the community receive for its support?  We ask you to reflect on the value consistently provided by The Charlotte News:

  • Extensive coverage and reporting on town affairs: controversy at the Zoning Board of Adjustment, the energy committee’s budget struggles, topics discussed at Selectboard and Planning Commission meetings, to name a few.
  • Regular updates and announcements from the Senior Center, Library and Food Shelf.
  • A wide range of features covering school sports, local businesses, gardening, nature and the environment.
  • Our regular columns: Sacred Hunter, Hi Neighbor, Legislative Report, Outdoors, Into the Woods, Out Takes, Around Town, College Preparation, Book Reviews and more.
  • Our website, where you’ll find articles from the paper going all the way back to 1958!
  • And, by popular request, recent real estate transactions!

Add it all up, and this is our town; The Charlotte News brings it to you.

We’re working hard to make The News even more useful—and I’m delighted to announce that we have three new writers coming on board:

  • Lucie Lehmann will be writing a regular column on food and farming,
  • Dan Cole will be covering the history of people and places in town, and,
  • Lynn Monty will be reporting on the school board.

In addition to your contribution, we’d love to hear what our readers want to see in the paper. So, take a look at the short survey form included in last week’s mailing, fill it out, and send it back. Or simply send an email to The News.

Not able to make a financial contribution at this time? No worries. Here are a three other ways to support The News:

  • Consider writing for the paper. We’re always on the lookout for reporters and writers, especially to boost our coverage of key meetings in town.
  • Got a favorite photo or two? Send them to us, and look for them in a future issue of the paper.
  • Ask about joining our board or a board committee. If your experience includes publishing, strategic planning, nonprofit board service, running fundraising campaigns, or advertising and marketing, I would love to hear from you.

From all of us here at The News, best wishes for a wonderful summer—on the lake, in your garden, walking our trails, spending time with family, friends and neighbors, and, of course, reading your favorite community newspaper.