By Pastor Abigail Diehl-Noble, Rev. Susan Cooke Kittredge, Rev. Kevin Eric Mills Goldenbogen

As authorized ministers in the United Church of Christ we were alarmed and saddened to learn of the Vermont Human Rights Commission’s recent determination that Dr. Lydia Clemmons of the Clemmons Family farm was illegally discriminated against by the Vermont State Police based on race and gender.*  We write today:

  • compelled by our Christian faith to be witnesses against injustice in all its forms
  • to state our support of Dr. Clemmons and Clemmons Family Farm, and to condemn the discrimination and threats to which they have been, and are being, subjected
  • to acknowledge our own privilege and failures as we recommit to doing better
  • to offer our training as pastors to facilitate dialogue and actions that we pray would enable transformation in this community that we love
  • to encourage our elected officials, other leaders, and all in our wider community to commit themselves to examining the ancient and pervasive systems of injustice
  • to pray that the Vermont Human Rights Commission Report will be a doorway, not to division and harm, but to learning, growth, deeper relationships and healing
  • firmly committed to partner with anyone who wants to work with us towards a world without discrimination

Pastor Abigail Diehl-Noble
Rev. Susan Cooke Kittredge
Rev. Kevin Eric Mills Goldenbogen

 *read The Charlotte News article here.