Family Traditions


Turkey Dinner
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When you think of Thanksgiving, you think warm, cozy, lots of food, and smiling faces lighting up the room. Let’s hold on to all your family traditions! Here’s an interview with Rory Donahue about some of his family traditions.

“What are some of your family traditions?” junior reporter Mavis asks.

“Usually having a turkey, and we go to our grandparents. We watch football on Sunday and spend lots of time with family,” Rory responds.

“What traditions are you looking forward to?” Mavis questions.

“Family time. I love that because that usually doesn’t happen so much,” Rory says.

“If COVID-19 wasn’t happening, what traditions would you change?” Mavis asks.

“All changes are because of COVID-19,” Rory responds.

“What is your favorite thing about Thanksgiving?” Mavis wonders.

“The cranberry sauce.” Rory says surely.

“Thanks!” Mavis concludes.