Thomas Chittenden

Dear Charlotte neighbors,

I am writing to encourage your support of Thomas Chittenden’s run for state senator in this month’s Democratic primary. While I have lived in Charlotte for the past twelve years, I have worked that entire time in South Burlington and have come to know Tom through his effective governance as a currently serving three-term City Councilor. He is open minded, pragmatic, and doesn’t mind speaking his mind or the truth even if it may not be the popular thing to do. I do not always see eye to eye on every issue with Tom, but I always trust that he has put in the work to understand the issue thoroughly, and that his opinion is informed by facts and the best interests of his constituents. He is fair minded, even keeled, and I have every confidence that he will use the same sound judgement that he has repeatedly displayed in South Burlington in this new role in Montpelier should he be elected.

I think it is also worth pointing out that Tom not only brings seasoned political experience and community oriented volunteerism (former Chair of the CCTA board of directors, South Burlington Rotarian, former Williston volunteer firefighter), as well as a successful track record as an educator (President of the UVM Faculty Senate, 2019 UVM Grossman School of Business Faculty Member of the Year, 2017 UVM Presidents Distinguished Lecturer Award Recipient), but he is a family man with three school-aged children in the public school system. Tom understands the struggle that many of us are going through right now as we try to navigate an increasingly uncertain future for our children. We are facing unprecedented challenges as a state and a nation and being clear eyed and open minded about our strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities and how to successfully come out the other side of the current situation is going to take strong leadership, compassion, and intellect. I have no doubt that Thomas Chittenden is the right person for the job. Please join me in voting for him in the primary, and again in November.

Your neighbor,
Evan Langfeldt

Thanks, CVFRS

To the editor:

In the 25 years I’ve lived in Charlotte, I’ve attended many Selectboard and town meeting discussions about the high cost of the services offered by Charlotte Volunteer Fire & Rescue. Recently, while being treated at UVM Medical Center emergency room for a sudden and acute asthma attack, I heard from three different doctors that Fire & Rescue’s quick and efficient service kept me out of Intensive Care, where I surely was headed. Treatment started as Fire & Rescue were carrying me down the stairs in our home, gasping “I can’t breathe.”

In 25 years, I’ve only needed Charlotte Volunteer Fire & Rescue services this one time, but when I needed them in the scariest episode of my life they were there—and on a sunny Sunday afternoon, the 4th of July weekend, no less. I just want to say thank you.

Susan Ohanian