Here she comes, Mrs. Charlotte

Photo by Dwight Mazur

Jenna Mazur, dressed in green to represent the Green Mountains of Vermont, was recently crowned Mrs. Charlotte. She will compete in the state pageant for the title of Mrs. Vermont on July 10 in Brandon, Vt. The winner will compete in the Mrs. America pageant in Las Vegas.

Mazur decided to enter the competition in order to continue a life-long commitment to community service and becoming her best self by helping others.
“I believe in the power of connection,” she said. “Connecting with other people has helped me overcome obstacles in my life and having the opportunity to meet others in the role of Mrs. Vermont would enable me to shine my light even farther outward.”

Mazur said she hopes that her own experience in handling and overcoming mental health issues will inspire others. “I keep persevering, and I have learned that being open to talking about this has been the best medicine for me. I have also learned that one cannot judge, as everyone has a past and a story. I believe sharing my personal story may help others and together we are stronger women, and people, by learning we are not alone.”