Spear’s Store is still open

Carrie Spear of Spear’s Corner Store. Photo by Alex Bunten.

“What are you doing about the coronavirus?” asked Amelie Fairweather, 10-year-old reporter for The Charlotte News.

“One of the things is trying not to worry and to keep a positive spirit when they come into the store. Other than that, I’m washing the door and counter, definitely,” Carrie Spear, owner of Spear’s Store, said.

“Do you plan on staying open?” Amelie asks,

“Yes, I do plan on staying open, though I’ll probably close earlier instead of 8 more like 7 or when I feel like the locals have everything they need.”

“Are you worried about the coronavirus?” Amelie continues.

“Only a little bit, I feel like if you spend too much time worrying it’s not going to be very helpful.”

“Are there any less people coming in?”

“There are a few less people coming in, but what’s really nice is that there’s a whole bunch of local people who are coming in more,” she explains.

“Are people buying more or less?” Amelie questions.

“They might be buying a little bit more, I guess so a little bit more, yes,” she tells me.

“Anything you would recommend to do?”

“Well I guess it’s important to keep things washed down and in my world here it’s important to stay open because people are to keep working, there will be people who need gas or medication, or maybe ground beef. I’m proud to be the keeper of the corner, and to always be there for people,” Spear said with a smile.

Amelie Fairweather is a member of the Junior Reporters Club at The Charlotte News. Interested children can email Chea Waters to participate.