Amelie Fairweather and Florence Eagan

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This bit of breaking news is the first piece written by members of the Junior Reporters Club. The club meets weekly after school on Tuesdays.

Who’s in my yard? If someone is running away from your front door in October, don’t panic and call the police. Instead, take a second to look and see if there’s a bag on the doorstep. If there is, you just got ghosted!

Ghosting is when people ring a doorbell and leave bags of candy on the doorstep at night. It is a Charlotte tradition that is carried out every October. Those who have been ghosted should chase the ghosters. Otherwise, they won’t have fun. Trust us, we know. Read on for top tips on how to ghost.

Advice for ghosters 
It’s nighttime, you and a couple of your friends sneak toward a house, you drop the candy, knock, and run. Unfortunately, they have either seen your car or have spotted you sneaking up their driveway! So, what do you do to avoid getting caught? Here are five tips for your mom, dad and you:

  1. Park the car out of view of the house, wait at the end of the road, or at an easily recognizable spot a ways away, like at a sign so that your children will not lose you.
  2. When you are approaching a house, stay near the tree line and do your best to stay away from walls to avoid being caught by a motion light.
  3. If there’s a hill, when you knock on someone’s door try to go around the house and not straight up the hill. They will see you clearly with a flashlight.
  4. If the person you’re ghosting has a dog, it’s okay: don’t hide, don’t circle around the house, even if there’s a hill, run up it. They have less of a chance of catching you that way.

Advice for the ghosted
Imagine you are sitting on your couch, reading a book, or writing a story, and suddenly you hear a knock on your door. Ghosters! You run out and chase the ghosters. They escape! Even though you have candy, it’s frustrating to know that your efforts have been wasted. Here are five things you can do that would help catch those ghosters.

  1. Leave supplies like sneakers, a flashlight, and anything else that will help you get ghosted, near a doorway.
  2. You have two choices. Either chase those ghosters or run straight to their getaway car. At the car you have a better chance of intercepting and catching them.
  3. Sometimes making running noises or wearing a mask can make your ghosters have a more enjoyable time and also make them want to come back!
  4. If you see a car slow down when passing your house in October, get ready for ghosters. If you see a car stop and turn off headlights, ready yourself! Candy is coming!
  5. Don’t forget to grab the candy!