Book sale thank you

In spite of record-setting heat, the 2019 Friends of the Library Books Sale was a big success. Books bought, ice cream, eats and drinks enjoyed, e-bikes tested, overall a great day!

It’s impossible to express how grateful we are for everyone’s participation in this annual event on the Town Green. The book donations were plentiful, thanks to generous community members, and meticulously sorted, thanks to the fastidious ladies and one gentleman, many of a certain age. Various library staff members and volunteers helped transport approximately 90 boxes of books to Goodwill. Almost 250 boxes of books were in the sale and more than half of the books sold.

Thanks to the many who lugged the boxes to the tent, to those who unpacked and arranged the books in an attractive display and to the many cashiers who did an excellent job. The Fire Department provided extra tables and chairs for the comfort of those enjoying the fine fare offered by lu˖lu ice cream, HOME pressed juices and Charlotte’s own Philo Ridge. And for the third year running, two muscled men and their families appeared at the end to whisk the remainders back to the top floor of the library.

The first ever Fossil Free Jamboree added lots of excitement to the festivities. The vitality and enthusiasm of the Energy Committee—along with those who donated their time and skills as well as cars, bikes and other equipment—made this a great addition to the Book Sale activities.

So, thanks to all of you who helped make this event possible. We are extremely grateful to the librarians for their patience while the library was under siege from book donations and for their participation in the process.

Back by popular demand, an ongoing sale in the library foyer. Already underway, it features a carefully chosen selection of fiction and non-fiction titles in excellent condition ready for your next read!

We encourage everyone to use the Vermont Tent Company for all your events. They do a fantastic job! We are very thankful for their continued subsidy of the book sale.


The Friends of the Charlotte Library

Nan Mason, Beth Merritt, Carol Clay, Shanley Hinge, Laurie Hartman Moser, Missy Adams, Dana Murphy, and Martha Whitfield (ex officio)