Raven Ridge Natural Area Trail Closure Notice

The Nature Conservancy owns and manages the 365-acre Raven Ridge Natural Area, spanning the towns of Charlotte, Monkton, and Hinesburg.

Visitors can enjoy walking on the trails year-round at Raven Ridge. However, from March 1st to June 15th, a portion of the hiking trail at the top of the ridge will be closed. In the spring, the ridge provides important habitat for ravens and bobcats who are raising their young during this time. The rocky outcrops offer prime nesting habitat for ravens and the rock formations create caves and shelter which host known bobcat dens. These animals are particularly vulnerable to disturbance at this time, so we ask that you please stay off of the closed portion of the trail.

The fully accessible boardwalk, accessible trail, and much of the rest of the hiking trail going through the preserve and up to “The Oven” and first lookout is still open! As always at Raven Ridge, please leave your pets at home. Thank you to our visitors for letting nature come first.