Selectboard Chair Morrison won’t seek third term

Lane Morrison

The chairman of the Charlotte Selectboard, Lane Morrison, will end his two terms of service in March with his decision not to seek re-election.

Morrison names a number things that have made the task a worthy endeavor, in particular the opportunity to contribute to the community. “In the six years I’ve served on the Selectboard, we’ve seen many challenging issues resolved, including protecting view easements, creating a Town Charter as an effort to increase voter participation, trails work, State Police support and support for budget issues presented at Town Meeting.”

The more challenging aspects of the position were what caused Morrison, who originally intended to run again, not to seek re-election: lengthy meetings and the difficulties in reaching acceptable conclusions. “You can’t satisfy everybody,” Morrison says, “You’re always going to have about 40 percent of the population not supporting what you’re doing.”

Not surprisingly, plans for Morrison’s future include “volunteering in other community activities.”

“There is a lot of diversity in our community,” he says. “It’s time for someone else to have the opportunity to serve and to address the challenges ahead.”