Sports Report – Nov. 28. 2018

The coxswain and crew of the winning CVU-B boat. Pictured: Coxswain: Kat Nelsen (St. George), Wiley Simard (Charlotte), Norah Van Vranken, Tony Nguyen (Williston), Ray Lindsley, Stuart Robinson (Charlotte), Duncan McGrade (Charlotte)

CVU crews row to medals in Boston
November 17 seems like a late date to be rowing in open water, but that is exactly what teams from throughout New England did. Along with crews totaling 300 rowers from four other Vermont high schools and many from other areas of New England, they headed, oars in hand, boats loaded, to the Fort Point Channel that separates Boston proper from downtown Boston and flows into Boston Harbor. The northern end of this waterway was the site of the Boston Tea Party 245 years ago.

CVU-B rowers, led by St. George coxswain Kat Nelsen, came in first in the Second Sixes Crewmaster Sprint category with the fastest combined time for the course that day. Vergennes, then Burlington, CVU-A and South Burlington—an all-Vermont top five—followed them. In the Novice Sixes, South Burlington-B won the race, followed by CVU and Vergennes—another Vermont topping.

Open-water rowing is an international sport in which boats are rowed across an “open” body of water by crews having to deal with the varieties of environmental conditions this time of year.
Charlotters Wiley Simard, Ray Lindsley, Stuart Robinson and Duncan McGrade formed the majority of the crew in the winning CVU-B boat.

Many Redhawks selected by coaches for all-state, all-league teams
The coaches’ picks for all-state and all-league soccer and field hockey included a number of CVU names in each sport and in each category. Beginning with one of the most important categories— men’s soccer coach of the year—CVU’s Rob Cole won that title. The Division I champion Redhawks had four players named all-state: Aiden Johnson, Jonah Roberts, Jack Sinopoli and Cullen Swett. In the Metro Division, Cole again received coach-of-the-year honors. The first team awardees in the division were the same four Hawks who gained all-state status. The second team added Luke Morton, and honorable mention went to Nicolas Durieux, Caleb Martin and Nathaniel Sampson.

The women soccer Redhawks did equally well in all-state balloting with Catherine Gilwee, Sydney Jimmo, Sarah Kelley, Jess Klein and Josie Pecor receiving top ranking. That is three sophomores and two seniors among the top players in the state. In the divisional ratings, Sydney Jimmo was voted top player of the year in the Metro Division. As with their male compatriots, the five all-staters also made the top divisional team. Second team in the Metro Division added Redhawks Olivia Morton, Dylan Walker and Olivia Zubarik, all sophomores. Charlotte’s goalkeeper Maryn Askew and back Quinn Boardman received honorable mention.

CVU’s Nora Weisman-Rowell was chosen as one of 21 players for the Twin-state field hockey team that will face New Hampshire. The Metro Division team included Kristy Carlson along with Nora Weisman-Rowell on its first-team roster. Hailey Chase, Flynn Hall and Maggie Warren made second team, and Lena Ashooh, Jessica Gagne and Charlotte’s Caroline Reynolds received honorable mention.

Finally we hit north/south all-star football. In a game played at Castleton University’s field on Nov. 17, the north squad defeated the southerners 57-35. Although CVU had a rocky season, Redhawk lineman Bennett Cheer played for the north team. Of the 18 games played over the course of the years, the north now leads 11-7.

Portland, Oregon here we come
CVU women’s cross-country team is headed to the national championships for the third time after placing second in the Northeast Regionals in Wappinger Falls, NY, on Saturday. Again, Alice Larson led the Redhawk finishers, coming in 8th,, Ella Whitman 17th, Chloe Silverman 39th, Catherine Noel 43rd, Alicia Veronneau 49th, Sadie Holmes 66th, and Jasmine Nails 71st.