The Charlotte News

The Charlotte News is Vermont’s oldest nonprofit community newspaper, and we are looking for someone to join us as our manager of ad sales.


  • Generate a strong advertising presence in The Charlotte News.
  • Build relationships with and serve the needs of existing advertisers.
  • Reach out to Charlotte and neighboring community enterprises with compelling reasons to advertise in The Charlotte News.
  • Work with the TCN Board and editors to develop strategic initiatives to enhance the value of The Charlotte News as an advertising medium for local businesses.
  • Contribute to the ongoing development of our website, our email newsletter and our Facebook page as avenues for advertisers to reach their markets.


  • Experience in client relations/sales.
  • Familiarity with both The Charlotte News and the town of Charlotte (including our neighbors).
  • The ability to compellingly explain the value of both print and digital advertising to Chittenden and Addison County businesses/services.


15 percent commission on sales, plus employer-paid payroll taxes, unemployment insurance and workers compensation.

This is a part-time position that offers a great deal of autonomy and flexibility, within the constraints of our every-two-week publishing schedule.

To apply, please send an email before October 21, 2018, attaching a cover letter explaining why this position appeals to you and why you are a good fit for The Charlotte News, a resume/CV, and contact information for two references (current/former supervisors preferred; if not, character references accepted).