Voters meet with statewide Democratic candidates at the Town Beach

Lt. Governor David Zukerman making his pitch for reelection to, among others, Jackson and Lydia Clemmons. Photo by Vince Crockenberg
State Auditor of Accounts Doug Hoffer, explaining the auditor’s role in state government and why he’d like to be reelected to that role. Photo by Vince Crockenberg
Rep Mike Yantachka hosted the gathering. Photo by Vince Crockenberg

Representative Mike Yantachka and the Charlotte Democratic Committee hosted a gathering at the Charlotte Town Beach on Sunday, September 16, to hear Democratic candidates for statewide office in November make their pitches for reelection.

About 40 people turned out to eat hot dogs and potato chips while Lt. Gov. David Zuckerman, State Auditor of Accounts Doug Hoffer, Attorney General TJ Donovan, Sheriff Kevin McLaughlin, Senators Ginny Lyons, Chris Pearson, Phil Baruth, Shelburne Representative Kate Webb and host Mike Yantachka asked for their votes.

In addition, Connie Cain Ramsey and Suzanne Brown, who are running for the positions of Chittenden County assistant judge, also spoke at the event. State Treasurer Beth Pearce and Probate Judge Greg Glennon also made an apperance.