Green Up Vermont 2018: Let’s pick up this town together!

Jenny Cole, left, speaks with Emerson MacPherson at the Earth Day clean up at the Charlotte Park and Wildlife Refuge on April 29. Photos by Erika MacPherson

Did you know that Vermont was the first state to designate a day of the year to clean up litter along the roadsides? And on that day in 1970, participation and results far exceeded expectations: 95 percent of the 2,400 miles of the interstate and state roads and 75 percent of the 8,300 miles of town roads were cleared of garbage! Thanks to Governor Deane C. Davis and Senator George Aiken, we have a wonderful tradition that inspires Vermonters young and old to get out and de-trash this beautiful state.

In Charlotte, Green Up Vermont has had a strong turnout every year with tons (yes, tons!) of litter removed from our roadsides. This year Green Up Vermont is May 5. To round out the weekend, there are special events and activities planned to celebrate spring and expand on the stewardship theme: e-waste recycling at the Quonset hut and a group cleanup of the Charlotte Park and Wildlife Refuge.

I don’t know about you, but it warms my heart to see folks out cleaning up our town together. It says so much about how we care for this land and shows how important it is to keep trash from piling up. And whether driving, biking or walking around town, isn’t it great to not see all that junk on the roadsides?

This year I want to send out a very special thank you to Jr and Leslie Lewis who have helped in a huge way (literally!) with their trucks and time. You guys are so awesome, and we appreciate your help so much!

Won’t you join us and sign up for a route? It’s so easy to do. Our website has all the information you need…and lots more! Visit or contact either me at [email protected] or my co-coordinator Ken Spencer at [email protected].

The MacPherson family, from left, James, Emerson, Erika and Nouvelle. celebrating Earth Day – cleaning up at the Charlotte Park and Wildlife Refuge on April 29.