Green Mountain Bicycle Club day touring rides in May

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All riders must wear helmets and obey the rules of the road. Please do not ride two abreast if there is traffic in either direction. 

For mornings with questionable weather, please call the ride leader to make sure the ride is still taking place. Ride leaders are obligated to go to the starting point and provide maps but may choose not to ride if the weather is miserable. 

Riders below the age of 18 must have a signed waiver from a parent.

E indicates an easy ride, M is for moderate, and S is for strenuous. Rides begin promptly 15 minutes after the meeting time.

Social rides are more leisurely versions of the mapped ride—usually the shorter route—with longer food breaks. Always contact the social ride leader before the ride to make sure those versions of the ride are taking place. Additional local social rides will be scheduled as weather permits in the Champlain Valley. Please email [email protected] to be added to the social riders email contact list, which is the only guaranteed notification for these rides. Weekend social rides are usually announced by Thursday.

Saturday, May 5
Introductory ride for new riders. We will go 12-20 miles at a leisurely pace. Our goal is to teach new cyclists the rules of the road and how to ride in a group.
Meeting time: 10:00 a.m. at Veterans Memorial Park, South Burlington, Wheeler lot.
Leader: Holly Creeks, (802) 233-9013
Co-leader: Lou Bresee, (802) 658-0597

Sunday, May 6
Covered Bridges of Chittenden County: 23- (E), 30- (E/M) and 36- (M) mile options of rolling hills through Shelburne and Charlotte, with the longer ride going through Ferrisburgh. Possible food stops include the Old Brick Store in Charlotte (no bathrooms) or a convenience store in Ferrisburgh for the long ride. Visit up to four of the five covered bridges in Chittenden County: the Shelburne covered bridge and the Holmes, Sequin and Quinlan bridges in Charlotte.
Meeting Time: 9:45 a.m. at Veterans Memorial Park (paved parking area), South Burlington.
Leader: Lou Bresee, (802) 658-0597
Co-leader: Brian Howard, (802) 505-1148
Social ride leader: Donna Leban, (802) 862-1901

Sunday, May 13
Kingsland Bay. The 35-mile (E/M) ride rolls from Shelburne through Charlotte to Kingsland Bay Park and returns. The 46-mile (M) ride heads toward Vergennes and climbs to Monkton Ridge, returning through Hinesburg, and a 65 (M/S) option heads into Huntington.
Meeting Time: 9:45 a.m. at the Shelburne Village Shopping Center.
Leader: Amy Otten, (802) 878-4070,
Co-leader: Ralph Kilmoyer, (802) 878-4070

Saturday, May 19
Introductory ride for new riders. We will go 12 to 20 miles at a leisurely pace. Our goal is to teach new cyclists the rules of the road and how to ride in a group.
Meeting Time: 10:00 a.m. at the Veterans Memorial Park, South Burlington, Wheeler lot.
Leader: Chris Johnson, (802) 373-9015
Co-leader: John Bertelsen, (802) 864-0101

Sunday, May 20
Vergennes Voyager. A 26-mile rolling (E) or 39-mile flat-to-rolling (E/M) rural ride running along Otter Creek to Middlebury for a bakery stop. The longer ride rolls out by Kingsland Bay State Park before heading south to Middlebury. There are no big hills on this ride.
Meeting Time: 9:45 at Vergennes Union High School, Monkton Road, east parking lot.
Leader: John Bertelsen, (802) 864-0101
Co-leader/social ride leader: Karla Ferrelli, (802) 864-0101,

Saturday, May 26
St. Albans Explorer. Light, rolling hills with beautiful views by the lake. The 35-mile (E/M) route goes out to Kill Kare Park and returns, while the 50-mile (M) route continues on to Swanton and back. Both rides can break for food at St. Albans Bay.
Meeting Time: 9:45 a.m. at Georgia Park and Ride. For those coming from the Burlington area, we suggest carpooling at the Colchester Park and Ride at Exit 17 off I-89 or perhaps meeting at UVM or Veterans Memorial Park in South Burlington.
Leader: Kerry Crosby, (802) 578-3249
Co-leader/social ride leader: George Thabault, (802) 598-3409,