Thanks for the generators

Christopher W. Davis

I wish to thank the voters and citizens of Charlotte who voted at Town Meeting to approve the funds to install emergency generators at the Senior Center and the Town Office. As Selectman Fritz Tegatz and others explained at Town Meeting, two generators allow the Senior Center to function as a community resource center and warming shelter during times when storms take out the power. The installation of the generator at the Town Offices provides power so that the town’s administration functions can continue, and it ensures that the septic system pumps that serve the Senior Center, the fire station and the Town Offices will function when the power is out. This investment in emergency power gives our town administrators, town clerks and emergency service providers the capability to better serve Charlotte residents should we experience an extended power outage. Given the recent pattern of extreme weather events, this investment is prudent and timely.

I wish to recognize this significant commitment to emergency preparedness and to say thank you! Together with the Selectboard, the road commissioner, The Fire and Rescue Chiefs, and other local organizations, we are working together to revise and improve our town’s existing emergency operations plan, and installing these emergency power systems are a critical part of that effort.

The most recent winter storms missed this area but significantly impacted areas south of us. I urge all of us to work on being prepared to shelter in our homes for at least 72 hours in the event of a significant storm or power outage. Here is a check list that should be helpful. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me through the Fire Department at 425-3111 or at

Christopher W. Davis is Charlotte’s Emergency Management Director and Assistant Fire Chief.

Get prepared, Charlotte! 
Create your personal/family emergency plan. For tips on your plan and preparedness supplies go to

Before and during an extreme weather event use Vermont 2-1-1 for information on services, support and shelters.

Here’s a checklist of a few of the most essential items that should be in everyone’s emergency plan:

  • Have a plan for what you will do if you have to remain in your home for up to three days while roads are made safe and power is being restored.
  • Make sure your house or driveway is clearly marked so emergency responders can find you. You can order reflective address number signs at
  • Have essential supplies for up to three days or more:
  • Water
  • Essential medications/prescriptions for at least a week
  • Flashlights/headlamps and spare batteries
  • Solar or battery back-up cell-phone charger
  • Nonperishable foods
  • A method to safely heat water and food without electricity
  • A back-up heat source or a place to go to get warm
  • Important contact names and numbers
  • Make a family contact/communication plan should cell phones become inoperable.
  • Have a plan for care of pets and livestock if the power is out for 3-5 days.

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at Charlotte Fire and Rescue, (802) 425-3111.