Charlotte News fundraising update

To date we have raised $13,000 of the $20,000 we need from you, our readers, to finish the year with a balanced budget. If you have made your annual contribution to support The News, thank you. If you haven’t done so yet, please consider a contribution in any amount. You can contribute at our website,, or by mailing a check to The Friends of The Charlotte News, P.O. Box 211, Charlotte, VT 05445. All contributions are fully tax deductible.

We are now in our 60th year of continuous publication, making us the oldest nonprofit community newspaper in Vermont. Since 1958 we have depended on our advertisers and our readers, together, to pay for the costs of producing, printing and mailing The News to you every two weeks during the year. We could not produce our paper without your financial help. Your contributions will ensure that we continue to do so for the next 60 years.