Lynn Monty, Editor in Chief

Photo by Lynn Monty

Just as disciplined as one would think a math teacher would be, Kim Servin, of Charlotte, was poised and measured as she guided her class through precise spine strengthening movements inside a barn at the Adam’s Berry Farm last week.

Yoga Roots of Shelburne organized the class in this beautiful setting to benefit the Charlotte Land Trust. Charlotter Francis Foster was there with her yoga mat in hand. She was the president of the Land Trust for about 15 years. “It’s so fabulous that a local organization is benefiting the Land Trust in this way on a conserved piece of property,” she said.

Ten percent of all proceeds from this summertime series of yoga classes will benefit the trust.

Class began with a sun salutation to get the blood flowing, followed by a series of standing postures to build strength, balance and stability. Chelsea Tedder of Burlington was there stretching and sweating as her daughter Dare Tedder, 2, played outside on the farm. She usually practices inside Yoga Roots’ Shelburne studio, but the views and fresh air drew her to this special Charlotte class.

Jessica Sanford of Adam’s Berry Farm said she’s enjoyed having people at the farm for yoga and berry picking. “Working with Yoga Roots to offer yoga on the farm connects people to their food and supports the Charlotte Land Trust and their work,” Sanford said.

Adam’s Berry Farm often collaborates with local businesses. The farm recently provided 700 pounds of strawberries to Zero Gravity Brewery to make a strawberry beer and often works with Fiddlehead, Sanford said.

“We have wanted to work with Yoga Roots for a few years and bring yoga to the farm,” she said “This partnership has been especially meaningful because it has allowed us to support the Charlotte Land Trust, which was instrumental in helping us arrive at this location.”

Servin, a New York City native, recognizes Charlotte as a special place and gave kudos to the Land Trust as well. “There’s 85 acres right across from our house near Spear Street that will never be developed,” she said. “We benefit from that a great deal.”

With the barn doors wide open, a gentle breeze blew through class at just the right moments. Servin guided 14 participants from down dog through warrior poses with ease. Cleansing rain came just before savasana, and the sun shone bright again as it was time to head out to pick berries.

More classes like this are scheduled through the summer. For more information call (802) 985-0090 or visit Yoga Roots or Adams Berry Farm.