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Re-elect Fritz Tegatz

I am writing to support Fritz Tegatz’s re-election to the Selectboard.

Fritz brings valuable experience to the board. As an engineer he is very knowledgeable about construction, as I learned first-hand working with him on the Senior Center addition last year. Plans were assessed and issues discussed and resolved. He clearly demonstrates a strong work ethic, and the town benefited from his involvement in that project among others.

He is well prepared for Selectboard meetings, thoughtful in his actions and open to compromise. I know he will continue to address in an even-handed way the increasingly complex issues that come before the Selectboard.

In addition to the many hours he commits to other Selectboard duties, he is the board liaison to Charlotte Fire & Rescue, for which he is currently an active volunteer, and both groups benefit from his involvement.

I hope you’ll join me in voting for Fritz Tegatz for Selectboard.

Beth Merritt, Charlotte

Volunteer extraordinaire residents

Just a quick “shout out” to the team who crafted the wonderful words that were spoken on behalf of recently deceased longtime Charlotte residents Shirley Bean and Larry Hamilton at the town volunteer dinner. Reading about how they recognized these two volunteer extraordinaire residents made it all the more special. Here’s hoping a bunch of other folks were impressed too. Because it’s things like this that make me proud to be a native Vermonter and to have lived in Charlotte for the last 20+ years.

Ceal Moran, Charlotte

Greetings Fellow Charlotters!

After nearly 20 years in Asia, my husband and I are thrilled to be settled back in Vermont full-time. With our three children grown, I am able to put my energy into organizations of particular interest to me. Besides serving on the board of Spectrum Youth and Family Services, and occasionally helping out with dinners in their Drop-In Center, my dog Blue is a Certified Therapy Dog. As his handler we visit schools and nursing homes and I get to witness firsthand the healing power of human and animal interaction.

Since March of 2016, I have been honored to serve as your appointed Cemetery Commissioner. Last year we completed a thorough survey of the West Burying Ground on Greenbush Road which yielded surprising results, including not only a much greater number of occupants than originally thought, but also a significant number of stones needing repair. My passion for old cemeteries — for not only for the unique and historic examples of folk art they contain, but the narratives of our founders written there, quite literally in stone — makes this ‘work’ a genuine privilege. If elected, I will continue to preserve our legacy, with the help of my fellow Commissioners, the very best of my ability.

Viki Zulkoski, cemetery commissioner

Fritz has time, energy and talent

I have known Fritz Tegatz for 5-plus years, virtually since he chose to raise his family here in Charlotte. Fritz didn’t end up here by accident; he chose the Town of Charlotte because it struck a chord with him, as a place where he could raise his family and participate in the local community in a meaningful way. Since his arrival, Fritz has been an active member of the community, lending a hand where he could. I had the pleasure of co-coaching our sons in rec league basketball. We didn’t have a winning season, but the kids had fun and we worked hard to make sure they did.

During Fritz’s first term on the Selectboard, he has been supportive of the town and the community. He has put in the hours, many more than just the meetings, to make sure that our town and community continue to thrive and be a place where we want to stay and others want to move to. Fritz is fiscally responsible and works to make sure the town is run efficiently and effectively. Fritz has the time, energy and talent to continue this good work.

Please join me in supporting Fritz at Town Meeting and voting him in for another three-year term.

Charlie Pughe, Charlotte

My support goes to Tegatz

I met Fritz Tegatz about three years ago when he was running as a candidate for the Selectboard. I was impressed that Fritz took the time to learn as much as he could about an issue or an organization before he asks questions or forms an opinion. Fritz was elected to the Selectboard and he agreed to serve as the Selectboard’s liaison to Charlotte Fire and Rescue Services. I was impressed that Fritz decided that if he was going to fully understand what that organization did he wanted to apply for membership as a firefighter. We are fortunate to have him serving our community as a Selectboard member and as a firefighter. As a Selectboard member I feel that Fritz acts in the best interest of all the residents of the town. He brings common sense and thoughtful consideration of a situation to anything he does. I support Fritz Tegatz for reelection to the Selectboard, and I hope you will consider doing that as well.

Chris Davis, Charlotte

Thanks… and vote for Frank!

I want to publicly express my gratitude for the continued service Jacob Spell has afforded the Town of Charlotte amidst turbulent personal times. Anyone who has a family with young children understands how a professional juggling act can impact the quiet routine of home. Jacob and his wife, Virginia, were on the brink of a foreign service adventure in Mali, Africa, that was canceled due to civic unrest just as their domestic life in Charlotte was finally packed up. Considering the circumstances, Jacob has kept up his responsibilities as a Selectman to finish his two-year term with due diligence. He will not seek re-election, but I hope he knows his volunteer spirit is greatly appreciated.

Frank Tenney is on the ballot again in an effort to serve the town he has spent a lifetime in. Frank is a very knowledgeable and steady individual. He is currently the chair of the Zoning Board of Adjustment, and he truly understands the rules and regulations. I will vote for him AGAIN in hopes that others in Charlotte will realize that he is the best candidate to fairly represent the diverse population of our town.

Thanks also for the voter support that put me back on the Board of Civil Authority as a justice of the peace. A medley of rule changes for Independents filing petitions and other busy life stuff had me out of public service for a few years. I recommend civic engagement to all citizens… taxpayers or not.

And finally, thanks to the “rogue” volunteers who volunteered to help the “official” volunteers and throw them a party. I missed it due to the winter crud, but I heard it was a good time.

Remember, it’s about FREEDOM… FOR ALL!

Robin Reid, Charlotte

Come to Town Meeting to support trails

Did you know that the Charlotte Selectboard is proposing adding $40,000 to the Trails Reserve Fund? This proposal is a further indication of its commitment to complete the Town Link Trail, and provide us with a healthy, prosperous alternative to car travel!

The Town Link Trail will be a seven-mile-long gravel path connecting the Charlotte town beach to the western village center, and then on to Mt. Philo. Eventually, the trail will continue on to connect to East Charlotte, providing connectivity throughout the Town. Studies show the economic and health benefits of well-developed trail systems, and our town has always been on the cutting edge of outdoor recreation. Let’s make this happen!

In order for this measure to go into effect, the article will have to pass a vote at the meeting and then by Australian ballot. If you support the continued development, maintenance and expansion of trails in our community, please spread the word! We need as many people to come out to Town Meeting and support the motion as possible! If you can’t make it, you can still help by getting out the vote!

Town Meeting Day is Tuesday, March 7, 2017! Hope to see you there!

Christine Cowart, Trails Committee member

Fritz Tegatz for Selectboard

A story: In January 2016 several architects of the two-step budget-voting process that will be inaugurated this year went to the Selectboard meeting to make sure that this initiative would appear in the 2016 warning. Selectboard support was clearly mixed. Fritz Tegatz was the first one asked, “What do you think about this?” A long pause, then, “I don’t like it…” (Fritz’s answer to “Why not?”: “I guess I just don’t like change.”) Another long pause, then, “…but of course I’ll vote to put it on the warning. Town Meeting has asked for it, twice, by a large majority. That’s my job on this board—to represent the town.”

Unlike his opponent, Fritz understands what public service means. The Selectboard needs to act for the overall good of the town, and the Selects are servants of the town, not emperors. Fritz reliably acts for the good of the town and waits to express his personal opinion in the privacy of the voting booth.

Fritz also exercises common sense in town expenditures. As an engineer, he knows where we can save money on construction projects and has personally saved us considerable sums by overseeing jobs himself (without pay) when we would otherwise have to hire an engineer for oversight. I value Fritz’s objectivity, expertise, generosity with his time, and down-to-earth common sense.

Please join me in voting for Fritz Tegatz for the Selectboard!

Valerie Graham, Charlotte