Letters: Feb. 8

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We are all neighbors

The intent of this letter is to pour healing balm over the hate and divisiveness of recent weeks. Perhaps an overview of what unifies us would help. We are all human beings created by God in the image of God. That makes us incredibly special and unique from all other creatures. We are all of one blood. No matter where you live or the color of your skin, we all have the same blood, albeit different types, coursing through our veins.

We are all neighbors. We all dream dreams and we all desire a world where there is peace, love and justice for all. There was a march in Montpelier in the morning before the Women’s March to observe the Sanctity of Human Life. I could not stay for the afternoon march, as I rode with a neighbor and his young boys. As I listened to the speeches from the Women’s March in Montpelier and Washington, D.C., I heard anger, derogatory comments, profanity and hate. These are the very things that many have judged the current president for, yet the response is in kind.

One celebrity in Washington expressed the desire of “blowing up the White House.” That is illegal! I saw signs that were perverse and even the implication of “pussy hats” hardly encourages a positive response. I did not vote for either major presidential candidate. After much soul searching and prayer, I could not in good faith or conscience vote for either.

Voting out of fear did not seem to be a good motivation. In God I trust. He has got this. He is in control. Our rights come from Him not the government. He is the supreme peacemaker and justice restorer. An obvious lynchpin of “women’s rights” includes the right to abort their unborn children. Equal rights for all should include the unborn. The most dangerous place on earth for a woman or a person of color is a mother’s womb, as these segments of the population are targeted for destruction. The ideology of Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, was in line with Hitler and Mussolini as a white supremacist. I recently returned from the Middle East where we provided medical clinics to refugees, Muslims and Christians.

These people are trying to live to hopefully see tomorrow. This is such a different perspective from those of us who have been blessed with so much. So as fellow human beings, may we treat one another with humbleness and grace. May we continue to dialogue about our dreams and desires for a world of peace, love and justice and how we can work together to make it happen.

Lynne Caulfield, RN, CRNI, Charlotte

Obamacare Repeal

I have an urgent question concerning the upcoming repeal and replacement of the Affordable Care Act: Will Trumpectomies be covered? This procedure removes an unhealthy buildup of sexism, racism, xenophobia and narcissism. It also excises incivility, greed, vulgarity and alternate realities (facts). Beneficial side effects include increased levels of empathy and inclusion, an overall improvement in the quality of life and a general lifting of the human spirit.

Terrence Dinnan, Charlotte