Support for our troops

US Air Guard Technical Sergeant Nate Sacklow and his daughter Isabell Sacklow at Little Garden Market. Photo by Rik Carlson.

Isabell Sacklow had to say goodbye to her father just before the holidays this year. U.S. Air Guard Technical Sergeant Nathan Sacklow of Charlotte said he misses his family but is keeping up with community happenings by reading The Charlotte News while overseas. Copies are sent to him by neighbors, he said.

Sacklow was active duty Air Force for four years and has been in the guard since 2012. “I’m not sure when we will be back and can’t say where we are,” he said.

One of the first stops on his list once back in Charlotte is to take Bells to the Little Garden Market, and the folks at the market cannot wait to see him. “Nate and Bells visit often, and they light up the day,” Rik Carlson said. “We miss them and he misses us. We texted just yesterday, and he is anxious to complete his mission and to be back in Charlotte with his daughter and to sleep in a bed without sand in it. His service is exemplary and a hardship for him and his family. God speed, Nate Sacklow.”