Charlotte real estate: it’s all about timing

Charlotte real estate: it’s all about timing

Have you heard the rumors? People from California are buying houses over FaceTime! New Yorkers want to get away from another winter on lockdown—they’re buying places cash, sight unseen, for over asking price! Charlotte is the new Boston! There are no houses to buy in town because everything is going in a week with multiple offers! Are the rumors true?

A strong real estate market in Charlotte

The real estate market remains strong in Charlotte and the Greater Burlington area. Zillow estimates that homes sold more quickly in 2017 than ever before, and 2018 is on pace to beat 2017. In the period from January through May there have been 48 more homes pending and closed in Chittenden County than in the same period during 2017.

Keeping Vermont forests as large as possible

Throughout Vermont, people interested in our environment are increasingly concerned about the health of our forests and the current development trends. People come here to visit or to settle down, largely because of the magnificent mountains and pastoral scenes that surround our highways and towns, and, of course, because of the people.