Power customer rebates rise while emissions down

Green Mountain Power (GMP) announced renewed savings opportunities for customers in 2023, to continue to switch away from fossil fuel for driving, heating and more. These rebates are available to all customers to make the switch and help cut carbon and costs for customers.

“Our customer rebates and programs are all about making it simple to save money while reducing your carbon footprint. The two biggest sources of carbon emissions in Vermont are driving and heating, so we offer robust rebates for electric vehicles and heat pumps with additional savings for customers who are low income,” said Tiana Smith, who leads electrification initiatives at Green Mountain Power.

Green Mountain Power’s rebate for all-electric vehicles (AEVs) is increasing for 2023, to $2,200 for qualifying new vehicles, up from $1,500 last year. Income-eligible customers can still get an extra $1,000 rebate for up to $3,200 in savings. If you purchase or lease from a participating dealership, they can apply the rebate as a discount during the transaction for immediate savings. This bigger AEV rebate is valid through June of 2023, and it can be combined with up to $4,000 in state EV rebates and $7,500 in federal tax incentives for qualifying vehicles, adding up to big savings. Green Mountain Power’s base rebate for used AEVs is also increasing — to $1,500, up from $750 last year.

“We love our Bolt EV and we appreciate having GMP help make it possible to reduce Vermont’s carbon footprint with rebates like this,” said Raven Walters, a Green Mountain Power customer in Waterford who is looking forward to getting a second EV with the new bigger rebate, too.

Green Mountain Power’s popular rebates for heat pumps, e-bikes, motorcycles, yard care equipment, and induction stoves will continue through December of 2023.

Business customers can also save through custom programs to help them shift their operations to using clean electricity instead of fossil fuel. Green Mountain Power has a team of experts who will consult with your business free of charge, and offer financial incentives based on the amount of carbon emissions offset by switching away from fossil fuel. This consultation and planning service is free, and Green Mountain Power has helped businesses with everything from installing electric ovens and coffee roasters, to electric snowmaking equipment, to one-of-a-kind kilns for industrial applications. Incentives are also available for electric vehicles and chargers, forklifts, backhoes and more.

Together, Green Mountain Power business and residential customers helped to offset 306,000 metric tons of carbon emissions through Green Mountain Power programs last year, which is the equivalent of taking about 66,000 fossil fuel vehicles off the road for a year.

More details on all of Green Mountain Power’s rebates and programs for residential customers are online and include:

More details on services and incentives for business customers are online here.